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About Us

Scenic view
Bookilber in the snow

Dales Hideaways offers luxury breaks in a secluded spot deep in the heart of the picturesque Yorkshire Dales countryside. The property provides exceptional views as can be seen from the clip above. 

The Barn, established in 1570, had fallen into a state of severe disrepair over the years. However, in 2009, it underwent a meticulous renovation and, in some areas, reconstruction by its former owners, David and Hillary Craven. Their commitment to detail has resulted in a property of exceptional quality, evident in its luxurious features. Cameron Doyle acquired the property in 2022 and has since maintained and enhanced it to uphold the same high standard of excellence. 

The property itself boasts stunning original stone features, whilst also providing a host of modern amenities. The barn, which was once forgotten is now the perfect destinations for a relaxing break with friends and family or simply a luxury romantic getaway.

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