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Upon your arrival, the hot tub will be filled with clean, fresh water.


To maintain water clarity, it is essential to shower before and after using the hot tub. Makeup, fake tan, creams, and deodorants can cloud the water.


Dependent upon the length of stay we may need to access the hot tub area for the maintenance.

Important Safety Rules:

  • Lid Use: After each use, please securely replace the lid for safety and to maintain water temperature and cleanliness.

  • Smoking/Vaping: For safety reasons, smoking and vaping are strictly prohibited in both the hot tub and the room itself.

  • Time Limit: The maximum recommended duration for hot tub use is 30 minutes.

  • Capacity: No more than five individuals should use the hot tub simultaneously.

  • Supervision: Children must be supervised at all times. Young children are discouraged from using the hot tub.

  • Water Level: Avoid splashing water out of the tub. If the water level drops below the top jet, please contact Dales Hideaways immediately so that it can be refilled.

  • Prohibited Items: Glassware and food are not permitted inside the hot tub.

  • Safety in Water: Always keep your head above the waterline.

  • Medical Considerations: Seek advice before using the hot tub if you have any medical concerns. Pregnant women are advised against using hot tubs.

  • Slip Hazard: The floor may be slippery when wet. Please exercise caution.

  • Alcohol: Do not use the hot tub if under the influence of alcohol.

  • Electrical Safety: Keep all electrical equipment away from the hot tub.

  • Liability Disclaimer: All users do so at their own risk. Dales Hideaways Limited is not liable for any damage, accidents, or injuries incurred.

Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Thank you for your cooperation.

Hot Tub Rules/Guide

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